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Designs are inspired by many factors, starting with the client’s choice of a center gemstone.  The design process begins with an inventory of existing jewelry, where unused old, broken and out dated pieces are evaluated.  Small items may be refinished and given as gifts to young family members.  Recycled gold is very fashionable.  There is no quality difference between existing gold that is refined, and newly mined gold that is very labor intensive.  Repurposing your valuable gold or sentimental diamonds and gemstones is encouraged.  

There are many considerations when designing a fine piece of jewelry.  As an experienced artisan Deanne will guide the client through style options, and design matters such as how the item is to be worn.  The design should fit your life style.  Will the piece be used everyday or occasionally worn to dinner?  Fragile and soft stones will scratch over time.  They are better set in earrings or a pendant.  Some gems are subject to thermal shock when exposed to rapid temperature change. We have the choice of noble metals, 14k, 18k, 22k gold, and platinum.  Platinum has the advantage of not being affected by chlorine that is corrosive and will assault gold and silver overtime. 

Often the nature of a particular gemstone will indicate the direction of the design.  Each gemstone has its own character telling a story cued from natural shapes and color.  Nature is an excellent source of inspiration.  Precious color stones reflect the beauty of a sunset or the brilliance of a tropical garden.  Artistic vision paired with old world craftsmanship create works of art.   Designs are influenced by organic textures and living creatures of the world.  Simplicity shapes a versatile jewelry wardrobe. Such as interchangeable earrings, detachable drops, items that can be worn as pin, pendant or pearl clasp.

Once a design has been finalized the piece is either traditionally hand fabricated from sheet metal and wire, or the item is hand carved in the lost wax casting process. The cost of a piece varies greatly depending on the complexity of the fabrication and the materials used.  Technical expertise is extremely important when determining the quality of each piece. “The bitter taste of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price has departed”.  Jewelry designed exclusively for a individual will be treasured for a life time.